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Our popular Saturday morning coaching courses are available to all riders at either Novice or Intermediate level. Our Expert sessions are available to riders who are Club members and who race at Club, Regional or National level for Bruntwood Park BMX Club.


These are fantastic 1 hour sessions and we can see our riders developing week by week.


The cost is £25 per rider for the 5 coaching sessions plus £3 per session (payable on the day) should they need to hire a Club Bike and protective kit for the duration of the coaching block and Club gate session afterwards. 


The latest block of Novice and Intermediate coaching takes place on the following dates:

  • 2018 Dates coming soon

Riders are expected to be trackside and ready for riding at 08:30am. The Coaching sessions finish at 09:45 ahead of the Club gates at 10am.


TO RESERVE A PLACE, please email our Secretary Steve at secretary@bpbmxclub.org.uk

The coaching levels and objectives are:


Level 1 - Novice Coaching




Before attending a Novice level course, riders must be able to ride the full track and all jumps unaided. 




  • Cover the basic skills to enable a rider to navigate a BMX track competently.
  • Introduce a rider to the requirements of club level competition.
  • Introduce riders to the basic BMX racing principles.
  • Ensure all riders can reflexively react to situations by reinforced learning.
  • Balance on the gate unaided.


Level 2 - Intermediate Coaching




Before attending an Intermediate course, riders will need to have been signed off at Novice level. Exceptions can be made for riders transferring from other clubs or who already have Expert level BMX race experience.


Riders should understand and be able to demonstrate balancing on the gate unaided, body position, pumping, cornering and safe overtaking




  • Introduce and ensure riders understand the principles behind a manual.
  • Introduce and ensure riders understand the principles behind jumping.
  • Ensure riders understand how to rail, race line and high low in a berm.
  • Ensure riders understand how to complete a successful gate start by reacting to start commands without being prompted or losing balance.
  • Ensure riders understand how to successfully navigate the track by the shortest route, know where to pedal, where to pump, manual or jump.

Level 3 – Expert Coaching & Training - BY CLUB COACH INVITATION ONLY




  • Riding for BP BMX Club at Regional or National level in the Expert Class from 2018
  • To be prepared for commitment and hard work on and off the track.
  • Riders are expected to arrive at the track for 8am to help set up for the session, warm up and begin training at 08:30 until 09:30
  • The cost per session is £5 which includes the morning's Gate session fee and is payable sesson-by-session
  • The initial agreed dates to hold the Expert level coaching sessions are as follows. Riders aren't expected to attend every session, but the more the better for their development.
    • Saturday 24th February
    • Saturday 3rd March 
    • Saturday 17th March
    • Saturday 31st March
    • Saturday 14th April
    • Saturday 28th April 




  • To develop riders for Expert level competition at Regional and National competitions.
  • The following training areas will be covered in regular sessions with the Club Coaches.
    • Point 1 Rider
      • Training
      • Race kit preparation & management 
      • Bike preparation and management
      • Time management - including resting and sleeping
    • Point 2 Diet
      • Planning food, drink and correct hydration for training and racing
    • Point 3 Warm up & stretching 
      • Routine for warm up using a coach provided turbo trainer and rollers 
      • Stretches and Yoga moves to get the body ready for track reactions
    • Point 4 Bike skills - off track practice
      • CCT (Core Club Training) and RSR (Regional School of Racing) skills criteria will be used to progress our riders
        • 50m timed sprint 
          • CCT requirement - sub 8.0 seconds
          • RSR requirement - sub 7.3 seconds
        • Bunny hop height
          • CCT requirement - min 25 cm
          • RSR requirement - min 25 cm
        • Bunny hop distance
          • CCT requirement - 50 cm
          • RSR requirement - 1 metre 
        • Flat manual distance 
          • CCT requirement - min 2 metres
          • RSR requirement - min 6 metres
        • Wheelie
          • CCT requirement - min 2 metres
          • RSR requirement - min 6 metres
    • Point 5 Bike skills - on track practice 
      • Starting technique
      • Cornering
      • Jumping
      • Manuals
      • Pumping
      • Group riding
      • Race lines
      • Body position
      • Awareness / concentration
      • Breathing 
      • There will be a timed race lap
      • There will be a timed continuous two laps
      • There will be a timed race lap
      • There will be a timed continuous two laps
      • Periodical race session morning with 16 riders. Fastest laps dividing fastest riders in to semi-finals, B and A finals
    • All our riders performances shall be recorded in a training manual


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09:30 - 12:00

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